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Now I'll be searching the forum for the many great recipes I've only glanced at. Thanks again to all those who shared their opinions. Mar 1, Just ordered the Hakka 15 horizontal stuffer. Walmart had the best price with free delivery. It's sold and shipped through Hakka Brothers, the manufacturer. I also ordered some seasoning mixes from Owens BBQ to get started.

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I think my local Academy store sells casings. I'll try to get a review on the grinder and stuffer after a couple of batches. Mar 2, Minneapolis, Minnesota metro area. Sounds like you've made good decisions. Enjoy and keep practicing. Review for stuffing with the Kitchenaid attachment for others. It is quite annoying for me. The meat squeezes out around the plunger and when pulling the plunger back it suctions out. I got a lot of air bubbles. I got a 5 stuffer and it is so much easier.

The Kitchenaid seems to work well for grinding, but the most I've done in a day is 10lbs.

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I don't hunt and I have a small family so I don't have the need or inclination to do large batches. If I do more at a time, so for holiday presents or such, I might look at another grinder so I don't burn out my mixer but it is ok for now.

I think you have it covered. Your grinder could probably grind a bowling ball :P I process animals deer and feral hogs at once each year and the 5 stuffers are just way too undersized for doing 20 pounds of meat or more. All stuffers seem to actually be pounds short of their listed stuffing limit. This is due to meat squishing out of the top and such as you start the plunger. It is good went with a larger sized stuffer, you will likely get 13 pounds of meat out of each load on yours.

If you start getting into pounds of grinding I think you may want to move to a stuffer that can do 20 pounds at a time 10L which is pounds so you lose the pound capacity to get right at 20 pounds. You can get LEM natural hog castings at Academy most of the time. You can also order them on line and I have had good luck with them. I can say LEM's franks and fresh brats make the best of both sausages I have found anywhere. There is a really good post here on how to make working with your casings super easy.

I have yet to try it but I believe it will work well according to other's input. I think that part of their business is a racket. You can always be accurate, produce consistent and perfect sausage every time with this approach and no guess work!

Plus the math is simple, 8 pounds of meat, 2 pounds of fat for 10 pounds of sausage. Super simple math. I hope this info helps :. Los Angeles. I have the Hakka 10 pound stuffer and it has been working flawlessly for hundreds of pounds of sausage, you won't be disappointed. Their customer service is excellent also, mine arrived with some shipping damage and they sent me a new base overnight. Thumbs Up. Mar 3, TallBM: What lean meat cut are you using for your sausage?

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