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Step 5: Look for the deals. The key to extreme couponing is waiting for the right sale. Couponing websites like Krazy Coupon Lady break down each week what is going to be on sale and what coupons to use; they are a fantastic resource. Step 6: Start saving money. The Daily Universe.

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Annmarie Moore Extreme couponers can get a huge amount of product for little money, an attractive option for some college students. Some ideas include: SmartSource.

Subscribe to a coupon clippers website, such as New England coupon clippers. These subscriptions will deliver coupons to your mailbox based on deals available in your region. Check the websites or Facebook pages of your favorite companies. If your favorite companies have a Twitter feed, then subscribe so you can get a link to deals. Clip coupons from your favorite magazines. All You, for instance, is a magazine sold by Walmart that is chock full of great coupons.

Be observant when you walk around stores. You may find coupons on store shelves next to your favorite products. You can also look at the front of your store for a machine that dispenses deals. Some stores have machines into which you can insert your loyalty card and receive coupons based on your past purchase patterns.

Seek out QR codes. You can scan these codes with your mobile phone and be led to an online coupon that you can use at checkout. Tap on the app to open it. Generally, you point your camera at the code and press the key in the bottom center of your phone to activate a scanner. You then scan the code and the coupon or website opens on your phone.

Different apps have different instructions, so check your app to be sure. Organize a coupon swap. If you have friends who also love to extreme coupon, then get together and swap coupons that you don't use for some that are more valuable to you. Part 1 Quiz What is the biggest benefit of subscribing to coupon clipper websites?

They always send the biggest deals.

Get Some Coupons

They keep track of your past purchases. They are specific to your region. They're always up to date. Collect catalinas after every transaction. Note the expiration date on each.

A Beginner’s Guide to Couponing

They usually have to be used within 10 days to 3 months of the day they print out. Register on a website like Coupon Network. You can list the stores at which you most commonly shop and receive information about catalinas that they are currently printing. Extreme couponers leave comments in the forum letting you know what deals are currently out there in the form of catalinas. Roll your catalinas.

Use the catalina at the cash register. If you're lucky, another catalina will be given to you after your transaction. Go back for more applesauce as long as the catalinas keep printing.

How to Start Extreme Couponing for Beginners | ToughNickel

You can usually get away with a maximum of 3 transactions per store. Go to multiple locations of your favorite store. For instance, if you know that your grocery store has 4 locations close to your home, then visit all 4 locations. Use the catalinas to stock up on your favorite items. Be aware that not every location will print the same catalinas, but if the stores are close-by, it's worth exploring. Stack your catalinas. Then, use as many as you can in 1 transaction to save money on these items. Bring your catalinas to a competitor. If a store is willing to accept competitor coupons, then you can get the same deals in a different store instead of waiting on your preferred store to run a sale.

Share the wealth. Go to a coupon forum yourself and let your fellow extreme couponers know what catalinas you found. If you are generous with your tips, then your fellow couponers will reciprocate. Part 2 Quiz True or False: There is no limit to how many times you can roll a catalina. True Close! False Correct! Wait for a good sale. One good idea is to use a website like The Grocery Game.

This site will list the sales flyers for your favorite stores. When you see an item in the flyer, and you know you have a coupon for that item, then it's time to save yourself some money. Otherwise, you can do the research yourself. Organize your coupons. Try 1 of these methods: Use baseball cardholders inside a 3-ring binder to make your coupons easy to reach. Then, use divider tabs to split your coupons into sections by product, by store or by another method that makes sense to you.

Use an alphabetically organized accordion file. Place your coupons in order by product name. Sort through each pocket weekly and put soon-to-expire coupons at the front of the pocket so you don't forget to use them. If you can't be bothered cutting out the coupons to insert into separate card slots in a binder, simply hole punch the page and attach a pair of small scissors such as a child's safety pair by a string to the binder.

That way, you can cut out the coupon as you find the product. Write or print out a list of your current coupons. You can do this on an Excel spreadsheet. As you walk around, you can place the relevant coupon into a small envelope sitting in your bag or in the cart, in readiness to hand over all coupons for items you found to the cashier. As you use coupons, mark them off your list with a pen or pencil. When you get home, delete them from your spreadsheet.

My Coupon Routine: Final Thoughts

Purchase multiple items. If your store is selling cereal in a "Buy 2, Get the 3rd Free" promotion, and you have a coupon for the same cereal, then get as much cereal as you can under the terms of the deal. Watch the language on the sale flyer to make sure the store has a reasonable limit on the amount of items that you can buy under the promotion.

Avoid buying perishable items in bulk. For example, don't stockpile dairy or produce. At home, shop from your stash. If you don't know what to cook for dinner, then choose an item from your bulk purchases to avoid ordering takeout or running to the store for something you can live without. Stack your coupons. If you have manufacturer's coupons and store coupons, then combine them to get even more money off your purchase. Order items that are sold out. If your store will let you place a bulk order for the items listed on your coupon, then don't be afraid to ask.

Go during off-peak hours. Extreme coupon transactions take time, and other customers will feel impatient if you hold up the line with your coupons. Also, cashiers can become frustrated with many coupons because of not only transaction length but also confusion about store policies. You need to go at a time the store isn't too busy to minimize conflict. Leave your kids at home. Extreme coupon transactions require clear communication. If your children are running wild or trying to talk to you while you're interacting with the cashier, then you won't be able to concentrate on what you're doing.

Find a babysitter for your early extreme coupon adventures. Be open to various brands. Do you want to stock your pantry? Do you want to go out and do some good in the world? Whether you want to reduce your grocery budget or you want to make care packages for the homeless, you have to start with a plan. However, all you really need are:.

But when you're just starting off, stick with the basics. Couponing can take up as much or as little time as you want it to. It can be a casual pastime or an extreme hobby. To get a running start, plan on spending a couple hours a week on Sundays when the newspaper comes out. Then you start the real work: planning your shopping trip. You can start small, and invest just a couple hours per week.


There are no rules. After all, time is money. You have to decide how much time is worth how much savings, and stick to your plan. Make a conservative goal for your first shopping trips. When you can consistently reach those goals, adjust your time investment to match new goals.

You can do this! Photo via Flickr user janet lackey. There are many places to find coupons, and there are just as many strategies for gathering them up in multiples. Many people on shows featuring extreme coupons have been building up networks of people through their churches or neighborhoods for years -- that's how they have so many multiples of the same coupons.

Here are a few strategies that have worked for me:. You can grab a Wednesday paper at a convenience store, or use Flipp to browse through your local ads. Most people throw them away, so if you see them often it shouldn't be hard for them to save theirs for you. However, someone else might already be collecting the inserts. It might be a good idea to check in with them every six months, but no more often than that.