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Dogs reportedly keep dying after being groomed at PetSmart

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Petsmart began in , and quickly grew to be the largest specialty pet store to provide both pet products and services. Today, Petsmart operates from over 1, locations. Petsmart sells everything you need for pets, from food to cages and kennels.

They sell toys, treats, and health supplies as well. The store provides various services, including a grooming salon, pet training, boarding, day care, and pet adoption events. This clinic takes patients for both routine and emergency care performed by veterinary professionals. The well-known Chewy. Even though Petsmart does not offer a military discount, they do offer a wide variety of savings opportunities to all of their customers.

It also allows you to use a digital card to pay for purchases, and lets you book grooming and training services for your convenience. Petsmart sends out many coupons that you can, of course, use at their stores. The store also allows you to use coupons from other stores or manufacturers if the products are an exact match. They also need to have a scannable barcode, a valid expiration date, and cannot be copied or changed in any way. To view eligible products and make a Pick Up And Save order, click here. Not even one week prior to this, a new investigation broke that was conducted by NJ Advance Media.

It examined the suspicious deaths of 47 dogs not counting Teddy who died during or shortly after PetSmart grooming appointments.

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A nine-month investigation into PetSmart revealed dozens of cases of dogs dying during or shortly after groomings. The 47 deaths that were investigated occurred between and now—and 32 of them since NJ Advance Media pointed out in its report that not all grooming-related deaths that occur at PetSmart are publicly reported—so the death toll since is likely much higher than PetSmart employees are reportedly pressured to groom more dogs in less time in order to maximize profits, resulting in fatal errors.

But guardians are refusing to be silenced.

How to help keep your dog safe at the groomer amid PetSmart deaths

Many shared their stories with NJ Advance Media, each one just as heartbreaking as the last. Click here to read the full report , and keep reading to discover even more reasons why you should never take your animal companion to a PetSmart. According to reports , the 7-year-old dog was dropped off at around p. About 10 minutes later, his guardians got a call from PetSmart staff saying that he had collapsed. According to his guardian, Dozer was healthy prior to visiting PetSmart. Emergency animal veterinarian Jay Harper explained why these environments can be stressful enough to harm dogs.

Lots of clippers and scissors. Flat-faced dogs such as English bulldogs like Dozer can be even more vulnerable. In brachycephalic syndrome, the short, broad skulls of certain breeds can create breathing problems because of shortened air passages. To minimize risks, guardians should avoid the stressful environments of grooming salons like those at PetSmart and Petco.


Spas may be a relaxing place for humans, but they can be the opposite for our canine companions. Learn more about best grooming practices here. In a separate August incident, Cynthia Beezer took July—her 4-year-old canine companion—to a PetSmart store in Compton, California, to be groomed. Of course, PetSmart is blaming the dog, saying that she stuck her tongue out just as the groomer was trimming her face. She called the incident an act of negligence and said that PetSmart groomers should be better trained—but this incident and the slew of horrifying others below prove that guardians should never trust PetSmart with their animal companions.

In a separate August incident, a dog named Rufus was dropped off at a PetSmart boarding facility in Tucson, Arizona. A few hours later, the family received a phone call—he had eaten plastic and was being taken to an emergency veterinarian. According to the family , the veterinarian told them that Rufus had been hit by a car on his way to the hospital and had died.

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According to reports , a month-old puppy named Ziggy was injured during a PetSmart grooming session in Jonesboro, Arkansas. A police report was filed, and an investigation is ongoing. Warning: graphic images. He rushed her to an emergenandcy animal hospital, where she remained in intensive care for several days.

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Aspen is on heavy IV fluids. She was completely healthy before we dropped her off at PetSmart.

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She is now extremely sick. Unsurprisingly, PetSmart denied any culpability. Her tongue was blue, and her gums were purple. After multiple trips to the vet over the next two days—during which time PetSmart called the distraught Villarreal requesting the veterinary paperwork—the previously healthy dog was found to have a consolidation in her chest fluid in the lungs , likely caused by trauma, and had to be euthanized because of her declining condition.

Just over an hour after dropping him off, he was dead. The Sotos got a call from PetSmart telling them that their dog was unresponsive and they needed to come back to the store immediately. Then, according to the family, PetSmart offered to buy them a new dog—but with a caveat: They would have to sign a nondisclosure agreement prohibiting them from discussing their experience with media outlets. The family declined the offer, and a necropsy report later revealed that Fabio had heartworms and cited stress as a factor contributing to the cardiac arrest.

Just over an hour after his guardian dropped him off, Scruffles, a healthy 8-year-old bulldog , was reportedly taken to a veterinary hospital, where he was dead on arrival.